If you've ever wondered what the Riverdale stars do during their shows filming hiatus, KJ Apa just gave you the answer. He's seemed to become something of a prankster on the set of his new movie and fans are living for his Instagram stories. One of our favorite Canadians was involved in his shenanigans and fans are ecstatic-KJ Apa pranked Shania Twain

KJ is filming a new movie with co-star Shania Twain called I Still Believe. It's based on the true story of a Christian singer named Jeremy Camp. It centers around the tragedy of Camp's first marriage and how he moves on using the love he finds with his second wife. 

In his Instagram stories, KJ pretends to take photos with different people on set but is actually recording. The last one he posted is with Shania Twain. In the video you hear KJ promising Shania that it's "...for real now" and she leans in for the photo. After a few seconds spent posing for the picture she realizes it's a prank and bursts into laughter before the video cuts out.

It seems that when fans caught on to his pranks they wanted him to pull one on Shania. One fan captioned the video, "He did it #ShaniaTwain."


Others even complimented him on his humor. 

It seems like KJ and Shania are having the time of their lives on set and we can't wait to see how this movie comes out! 

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