After Kourtney Kardashian's messy split from Scott Disick the mother of three was rarely spotted out on any serious dates. She did have a brief fling with Justin Bieber, which was kept very hush-hush, but had no plans to date seriously. All of that quickly changed in 2016 when Kourtney was in Paris for Fashion Week with her sister, Kim. 

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This of course was the infamous fashion week in which Kim got robbed in her hotel room, causing a media frenzy and serious trauma for Kim and the rest of the Kardashian family. However, a mere day before Kourtney and Kim's former assistant Stephanie were out at a bar when Steph scoped out Younes. "That guy's hot!" Steph whispered, gesturing to Younes, the then 22-year old model and former boxer. 

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"I was just drunk and went up to him like, 'Why do you hate us?'" Kourt dished to sister Khloe on an episode of KUWTK. It turns out Younes didn't hate Kourtney at all, but rather was pretty eager to take her home. "After I said that he grabbed my hand and said, 'It's 5 in the morning, we're leaving.'" While Kourtney kept pretty mum as to whether she and Younes spent that first night together - but considering how long and strong this couple's been going...

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Kourt did admit that they exchanged numbers. "The next day Younes was like 'Bring your ass here.'" To which Khloe widened her eyes. "You like it when he's aggressive." "Yeah," Kourt replied. Even though they just met, Younes actually stuck around during Kim's robbery, helping to translate between the Kardashians and the French police. It's no surprise the two started seriously dating later that year and have been happily together ever since. 

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