Kris Jenner finally spoke up about her daughter Khloe Kardashian's cheating drama and it almost made her burst into tears. Kris appeared on Ellen today, and Ellen wasted no time steering the conversation to "the whole thing with Tristan."

Kris admitted that the whole thing was "very unexpected," and went on to say that she went to Cleveland last week to check up on Khloe. Describing how well Khloe is doing as a mom amidst all the drama and heartbreak, Kris started tearing up. 

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"Khloe is amazing! I'm so proud of that kid," Kris said, "I get choked up because she's such a good mom and honestly I get so emotional." Kris said that when the news of Tristan's cheating got out just days before Khloe was expected to go into labour, the whole family sprung "into action" and "hopped on a plane and flew to Cleveland." She said, "There's a lot of us, and we all get together and we do things together and we're a force to be reckoned with."

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Khloe also went public about her life as a new mom just a few days ago, saying that motherhood "feels like such an honour." Kris said that Khloe is still adjusting to all the "tricky" challenges of having a newborn baby, but that "she's just concentrating on that, being a mom."

Ellen also asked Kris another question we've all been dying to know more about - what's going on with Kanye, and is he okay? Kris, being one of Kanye's most loyal supporters since day one, didn't have anything negative to say about it. She said that Kanye always has "really good intentions" and didn't mean any harm.

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"Kanye has a lot of love for you all,"  Kris said, "I know that he will explain himself in his own way. So I'm going to let him explain himself when the time is ready." She always knows what to say!

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