Whether you like it or not, Kylie Jenner is a social media icon. Before going M.I.A during her pregnancy, Kylie posted religiously on her Snapchat and Instagram. While she was pregnant, Kylie confessed recently that she went off the grid to give herself and her new baby privacy during those important months of pregnancy but now...

Kylie is back! After posting her infamous baby photo introducing Stormi Webster to the world - we weren't sure if we would see any selfies anytime soon. Jenner began posting on Snapchat, but her snaps were limited to floral arrangements and congratulation letters penned to herself and her baby girl. I assumed we wouldn't be getting any shots of Kylie herself, anytime soon. Well, we thought wrong.

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Kylie just posted her first selfie in months and she's in a reallllly nice car. If you're new here, Kylie takes after her father, Caitlyn, with her luxury car obsession. I guess she hasn't given up the fast life with her fast cars. Personally, I'm excited that Kylie is back to posting selfies. 

In case you forgot, here are some of Kylie's high-end rides.

@kyliejennerembedded via

@kyliejennerembedded via @kyliejennerembedded via

We're happy that Kylie is back to her old self, posting selfies, driving nice cars and living her best life.

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