More and more news keeps coming out about Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal, and while we're over here waiting for new info, it still gets more and more messed up. I think we were all wondering how Kylie Jenner found out about her BFF cheating with her sister's boyfriend, and news has finally come out. Kylie Jenner didn't hear about the cheating scandal from BFF Jordyn Woods, which makes it so much worse. 

According to Us Weekly, Kylie was told about Jordyn and Tristan from Khloe, not Jordyn. While it seems like Kylie is the most hurt out of everyone, and definitely has a reason to be, Khloe is not mad at Kylie for this. And why would she be?

Jordyn is her own person and can definitely make her own choices. In fact, it seems like Jordyn was lying to Kylie for about a month, as Tristan and Jordyn were fooling around a while before everyone found out. While Kylie has not personally spoken about the situation, she made Jordyn move out of her guest house and Jordyn now resides back home with her mother. 

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Jordyn, who has been Kylie's 'ride or die' for years, will definitely have a huge lifestyle change after this. But what did she expect? While reports say that Kylie is absolutely torn up about this, yesterday she posted about her abs on Instagram stories, so it looks like she's not too upset. 

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No matter what, Jordyn 10000% should have told Kylie the second the news broke. But I think we're all realizing she's not a true friend. Apparently, when Khloe found out, she confronted Jordyn but it was not in person. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall during that conversation?

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