Kylie stirred up September when multiple media sources announced that she was pregnant. Since the news broke, sources have been released details slowly over time. Some saying that Travis Scott is thrilled. Some say that sister Khloe Kardashian is also expecting at the same time, which explains why the two did a matching hair twin-styled photoshoot as of recent.

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Though reports initially claimed Kylie was pregnant with a girl, some are convinced she's having a boy, now that Kylie publicly picked a blue phone case over a pink one in her Snapchat story on October 10th.

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And now, reports are claiming that Kylie has hired a pregnancy coach, saying, "Kylie is definitely not taking any chances when it comes to her unborn baby!"

What is a pregnancy coach, though? Apparently, the pregnancy coach will help Kylie with specifically designed diet and exercise to ensure optimal health for her baby. As Kylie gets further along in her pregnancy, the coach will assist her with Lamaze training to help deliver the baby when the time comes. 

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Kylie recently posed in this big, oversized button-up perhaps to hide her bump and also give a nod to her baby's gender. The star has yet to confirm or deny any pregnancy rumours, making fans think that she is indeed expecting. In addition to hiring a pregnancy coach, Kylie has also hired 4 additional assistants to help out with Kylie Cosmetics and has upped her security to ensure personal safety. 

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