It's another day in the life of lipkit mogul, Kylie Jenner.

After months of sharing photos of her little baby Stormi, she abruptly cropped and deleted her child out of her Instagram page. Yes, Kylie Jenner, who shares her whole life on Instagram, decided that she would no longer be sharing her child on the social media platform.

Two weeks ago, news hit when fans began slamming Kylie for cropping Stormi out of a photo she posted on Instagram. Fans were so angry that Kylie would purposefully crop out her baby from the picture, only to realize that Kylie did it on purpose. 

Fans then realized that Kylie has deleted all of the previous pictures of Stormi's face because she had decided that she would no longer be sharing photos of her baby.

Two weeks later, she decides that she's Kylie Jenner and she'll do whatever she wants. Last night, Kylie shared these photos on Snapchat.

Via kyliejenner

The first photo is of Stormi lying on her back on a big plush white bed. The caption reads, "my little love" in handwriting. 

Via kyliejenner

In the second photo, you can see someone who appears to be Kylie holding baby Stormi on her chest. The photo is sooo adorable! The caption reads, "nothing better". 

It looks like Kylie's changed her mind and we'll be seeing more of Stormi on our Instagram and Snapchat feeds.


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