We were just minding our own business, checking our Snapchat stories when Kylie dropped this little piece of information right in our laps. Kylie Jenner is a brand new mother to her sweet little baby, Stormi.

She's also been extremely private when it comes to anything related to her daughter. She even went to extreme lengths to hide her pregnancy for nine long months, just so she could have some privacy.

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So, naturally, fans are super excited whenever Kylie gives away from information about motherhood, her baby or her parenting styles. 

Via Snapchat/KylieJenner

Early this morning, Kylie posted a "Morning" snap of herself waking up, followed by a "Sunday" snap of a bookshelf. It looks like this is her reservoir of books for her baby Stormi. 

The shelf is stalked with adorable children's books, including Princesses Wear Pants - let's just stop and acknowledge how cute (and gender-neutral) that is. It also includes Mary Had A little Glam, Everything is Mama written by Jimmy Fallon and more. 

Via Snapchat/KylieJenner

The most interesting is definitely the smallest book on the shelf, "Her First Bible". I guess this means that Sunday's are reserved for the big man himself! It looks like new parents, Kylie and Travis have decided that Stormi will be religious? 

It is Sunday today, does that mean Kylie will be reading the bible to baby Stormi today? I guess we'll have to wait and see if she snaps it!

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