Kylie Jenner FINALLY breaks her silence on ex-best friend Jordyn Woods cheating scandal. Well, kind of. As we're all sitting here refreshing our phones waiting to hear at least something, Kylie breaks her silence in a completely different way. Yesterday, fans were begging Kendall to post about Jordyn because she was the only one uploading on Instagram. Well, Kylie Jenner seems super unbothered by Jordyn Woods moving out as she shows her abs on Instagram.

I'm not saying Kylie has no friends now, but no friends are better than toxic friends. At around 1 AM PST, Kylie shocked everyone by uploading to Instagram stories. Why? Well, usually when something this bad happens, you assume they're in bed crying all day with a pint of Ben & Jerry's. For Kylie, she seems unaffected by it. 

Her newest Instagram story shows her in front of a mirror in her kitchen, showing off her cheetah print pajamas and her toned abs. The next boomerang shows Kylie kind of shaking her head, maybe that's a hint of some sort? You can view the photos below: 

Via Kylie Jenner

Via Kylie Jenner

See how the first one says 'goodnight' in the corner? What it should really say is "Good night to everyone except Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson". But Kylie obviously went in a different direction. News broke last night that Jordyn had moved out of Kylie's guest home and back into her mom's house, which is the ultimate way to go. 

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Maybe Kylie realized that blood is thicker than water, or that Jordyn was never a true friend. Whatever the deal is, I hope it was worth it, Jordyn! 

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