Remember the entire scandal with Logan Paul and his rather embarrassing trip to Japan? Well to catch you up, he recently finished a questionably disrespectful trip to Japan, the highlight of which was the filming of a deceased body in Japan's famed suicide forest.

As that video hit Youtube, viewers around the world were outraged and put the celebrity vlogger on blast for his actions. Ultimately, Youtube removed him from a YouTube original series and stripped away a huge part of his revenue, among other punishments. 

But in the few weeks that the once-had celebrity has taken off to "reflect on his actions", he's claimed that he deserves a second chance. Now, he's back on YouTube with a video to try and win the public back. 

His first video in several weeks, explains that he's been spending the time off to reflect on his actions, as well as learn more about suicide. That included meeting several meetings with people who have come close to committing suicide and explaining that he does "not want to be part of the problem but the solution". 

The video, as well as his new-found sentiment towards suicide, is paired with a pledge to donate $1 million to various suicide prevention associations. 

Although the video has only been out for several hours, hundreds of thousands on the internet have been quick to voice their opinion. 

While some have been quick to forgive and are quite pleased by the gesture, others believe that "redemption" cannot be fully earned through a seven-minute video. 

Among a sea of welcome backs and go homes, it seems that the general sentiment is clear. Motive, timing and PR-blast aside, this is a first step - and a first step only. Should he wish to earn back the respect of the public and his fans, it's a long road ahead of him, but a decent place to start.

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