If you grew up reading, and then watching Pretty Little Liars, chances are good that you're familiar with actress Lucy Hale. She played the role of Aria Montgomery on the show, but you may also recognize her from films like Truth or DareDude, and The Unicorn, among others. If you've been lacking Lucy in your life since PLL came to an end, we've got good news! Lucy Hale was spotted celebrating Katy Keene in Toronto.

If you haven't yet heard of the new show, let us fill you in. Katy Keene is a brand new Riverdale spin-off series about an aspiring fashion designer named Katy Keene (played by Lucy Hale). Katy meets Josie McCoy (played by Ashleigh Murray) who is "fresh off the bus to chase her musical dreams". 

As the duo embarks on their journey, they meet plenty of other starving artists, including a secretive socialite named Pepper Smith (played by Julia Chan), as well as drag queen and Broadway performer, Jorge Lopez (played by Jonny Beauchamp).

Lucy shared the big news about Katy Keene on Instagram yesterday, May 7th. That's not all the good news she shared though - Lucy also let fans know that she's hanging out in the big city of Toronto!

The actress was quick to notice the popular Hey Lucy restaurant, which is located on King Street West and serves up some of the best wood-fired pizza you'll find in the city. What better way to feel at home than to run into a restaurant literally welcoming you to the city?!

Lucy also posted the above poll to her Instagram story, featuring a snap of her sipping on a Tim Horton's coffee, because it doesn't get any more Canadian than that! The caption reads, "Is it acceptable to have four coffees in a day? With the possibility of more...". Whatever floats your boat, girl!

Although it's not clear EXACTLY what Lucy is doing in Toronto, we're thinking it has something to do with Katy Keene, which the actress is super excited about. In another Instagram post yesterday she gushed about the show, saying, "KATY KEENE is officially picked up to series and I’m actually In tears. So excited about this next chapter. This show is all about hope and pursuing dreams and the friendships & relationships that bond it all. Actually can’t wait for you all to see this."

Further details about Katy Keene have yet to be released, but what we know so far is that it will be premiering sometime in 2019 or 2020 on the CW network, along with Nancy Drew and Batwoman.

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