Show some love to Canada's rising star! One of the many shows yet to arrive on Netflix this month is Never Have I Ever, which just so happens to star Missausaga's own Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. The young actress is a newcomer to the industry, but we've already uncovered a lot about her.

After beating out 15,000 other young women in a casting call, Ramakrishnan was handpicked by Kaling to star in the upcoming series, which is based loosely on Kaling's childhood.

Never Have I Ever is set to premiere on April 27, but here are some things you should know about the show's star before you watch:

She added some of her own lingo to the show's script

In an interview with Tricity News, the actress revealed that Kaling actually encouraged her to have fun with the script and add her own lingo into it.

"In the teaser, the 30-second clip, Devi says, 'Hey God, it's Devi. What's a poppin'?' And I always say, 'What's a poppin.' That wasn't in the original script," Ramakrishnan said.

"But then I slowly started noticing it pop up throughout ... the script ever so casually. And I noticed, 'Oh my God, they're just listening to everything I'm saying. They're basically the FBI.' That was really cool."

She's been accepted to York University's theatre program

According to Tricity News, Ramakrishnan was accepted to York University's theatre program, although she had to defer for a year while filming season one of Never Have I Ever.

If the show is picked up for a second season at Netflix, she may have to defer again, but ultimately she hopes to commit to her education one day.

She spends her free time playing video games

According to the Never Have I Ever star, her first best friend was her game cube controller. In an interview with Just Jared, she also revealed that her must-have travel item is her Nintendo Switch!

She considers Mindy Kaling to be her "work mom"

If you look through the Canadian's Instagram, you'll find plenty of evidence that she's become incredibly close with Kaling throughout filming the series. In fact, the two are basically family now!

"Ain’t nothing better than working with my mom. Get ready for Never Have I Ever, folks!❤️😜 #NeverHaveIEver," Ramakrishnan wrote.

She's a very talented artist

The actresses' Instagram reveals that she has a talent for more than just acting—she's also quite handy with a paintbrush!

"Respect existence or expect resistance ❤️🌈
(Yes I painted this and I am proud🙃)," Ramakrishnan captioned the above photoset.

She's a Potterhead

Last summer, Ramakrishnan shared a photo on Instagram of her rocking Harry Potter attire at Universal Studios Hollywood.

"Chocolate frogs any day 🍫🐸 #gryffindor," she captioned the post, revealing she belongs to the same house as Harry Potter himself.

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