Canada goes to Hollywood! Mississauga's Maitreyi Ramakrishnan's Instagram shows that she and Mindy Kaling are super close. Their hilarious series Never Have I Ever premieres on Netflix so soon and you'll want to put it on your must-watch list.

In April 2019, Kaling tweeted out an announcement about her new show, looking for applicants to play her as a teenager.

That got the attention of 17-year-old Ramakrishnan who had a passion to get into the acting industry. After rounds of auditions, she ended up being chosen out of 15,000 other applicants.

The Tamil-Canadian actress plays the lead role of Devi, a smart but mischievous high school student who's pretty nerdy but still has a yearning for boys and partying like other teens.

Kaling created the series alongside Lang Fisher and based much of the premise on her own childhood. 

Before landing this gig, the teen was just a regular girl who grew up in Mississauga and loved visiting Kensington Market and Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. 

She even has plans to attend the theatre program at York University, though now she's quite a few steps ahead.

Ramakrishnan's Instagram has 45 posts and over 26,000 followers where she has shared her journey into stardom, including some adorable posts dedicated to Kaling.

In October, Ramakrishnan wrote "Forever grateful to my two fairy god mothers. 2020 can't come any sooner", referencing the show's two creators, Kaling and Fisher.

That same day, she shared another snap with Kaling, calling it "A casual family photo".

In February, it seems they got even closer as Ramakrishnan wrote, "Ain’t nothing better than working with my mom. Get ready for Never Have I Ever, folks!"

Kaling first shared the news about casting the role for her comedy series in July when she introduced the world to the 17-year-old.

As they prepare for its premiere, The Office star has also posted shots sharing how proud and excited she is.

This is Ramakrishnan's very first on-screen role, per IMDb.

Speaking with Flare, she said that it's important for her to become what she's always wanted to see on screen because "I didn’t see many South Asian role models in film when I was growing up."

You can catch Netflix's Never Have I Ever on April 27. Watch the trailer below.

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