Social distancing calls for different kinds of shots in this actor’s household. Matthew Perry has recently been sharing how he’s been sticking to government protocols. However, he also revealed to his Instagram followers that his new routine isn’t always pleasant.

In a video on his Instagram story informing fans of what his “new normal” looked like, the Friends actor toasted to the “health of the world” alongside some of his pals. Their poison of choice was wellness shots that Perry revealed were being taken by the bunch “on the daily.”

The 50-year-old actor admitted, however, that his new daily tradition wasn’t the most pleasant experience. He even called the healthy concoction “god-awful shots” before consuming them.

Although Perry still managed to have visitors at his Los Angeles home, he made sure the gathering still followed proper precautions. All people in the video were equipped with protective gloves as they cheered to good health.

This isn’t the first time Perry has been active on social media over the past few days. He first shared a selfie of himself rocking black thick-framed glasses.

He also shared a photo of what could be another drink of choice during his self-isolation. A picture of a glass of Strawberry Nesquik sitting atop his laptop was posted earlier in the week with the quick-witted caption, “Are 50-year-olds supposed to be drinking strawberry quick at an alarming rate?”

His recent social media game doesn’t end there. Fans were so ecstatic this week when Perry took on his Chandler Bing persona again and commented on former Friends castmate Courteney Cox’s Instagram post.

Perry’s debut on Instagram back in February came just before the news that HBO Max would be airing a Friends reunion. The hour-long special is set to include Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc alongside both Perry and Cox.

The reunion is set to air on the streaming platform in May 2020.

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