We all remember Matthew Perry from his iconic role as Chandler Bing on Friends, but since the hit sitcom has come to an end back in 2004, the actor has slowly worked his way out of the spotlight. His last TV credit is from 2017, and since then he's only been spotted out occasionally, but now the actor is making headlines! Matthew Perry's Los Angeles penthouse is for sale for $35 million (PHOTOS).

The star has lived in Century City for the last two years, and after dishing out the funds for an architect and interior designer to re-decorate the place, he's decided it's time to put the 9,290-square-foot property up for sale.

Perry's penthouse is located on the 40th floor of The Century, which is a 42-story luxury condominium that can be found in the heart of Los Angeles. According to Forbes, the "Mansion in the Sky" is currently the most expensive condo for sale in the city.

When he bought the penthouse back in 2017, Perry paid $20 million. Because of the work he's put into flipping it along with Scott Joyce and L.M. Pagano, he's able to sell it for a $15 million profit, which sounds pretty good if you ask me.

The condo boasts four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, four terraces, a screening room, and a master suite with a lounge area and fireplace, according to the listing by Greg Holcomb.

The building itself also includes a pool, a spa, a full service restaurant, a screening room, and four acres of beautiful gardens for patrons to enjoy and relax. Basically, living here is like living in a 5-star hotel.

It's undetermined where Perry plans to move when Penthouse 40 sells, but he previously had a place in Hollywood Hills that sold for $12.5 million back in 2018. Who knows? Flipping luxury condos may just be Perry's new calling!

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