Matthew Perry’s social media silence has been ongoing since last November. However, the Canadian actor broke his Twitter hiatus today by paying tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. Like many other Canadian celebs, he used the social platform to express his sadness over the basketball legends death, “Why do bad things have to happen? Rip Kobe.”

His slow withdrawal from the internet began shortly after it was announced back in the early months of 2019 that the 50-year-old actor was once again back in therapy.

Over the past couple of years, Perry's former Friends co-stars have reportedly been worried about his health.

Pictures were released of the Ottawa native looking ungroomed that had fans worried that maybe he was not doing well. 

However, things seemed to turn around when Perry was spotted with his reported girlfriend, Molly Hurwitz.

The two have been seen together a handful of times and according to The Sun, Hurwitz has even posted about their relationship on her private Instagram.

The cast of Friends have also shared photos of the 17 Again actor attending cast reunion dinners where he appears to look drastically different from the paparazzi photos.

Talks of the comedy potentially putting on a reunion show have been circulating for months now. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that HBO Max, the new streaming platform Friends will be moving to, has announced a reunion special.

There has yet to be any other news surrounding any upcoming Friends content, but the cast has made it clear that they’re still supportive of one another almost two decades after the premiere of the sitcom.

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