It seems like the newest member of the royal family has been spilling the beans about her days working in on the set of Suits. After staring in seven seasons of the hit television series, Meghan Markle said goodbye to playing Rachel Zane to marry Prince Harry this past spring. 

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While both Markle and her on-screen husband, Patrick Adams have been replaced by the television legend Katherine Heigl, fans are still sad that Meghan won't be acting on their screens anymore. But now a fan encounter has proved that the new Dutchess is actually feeling the same way. 

@rachelzanehdembedded via  

@rachelzanehdembedded via  

Fiona Moore, a fan on the show, caught up with Markle on her recent royal visit to Ireland. She decided to take a moment to be real with the Dutchess about her departure from her favourite show. 

"I’m a fan of Suits and I said to her that I miss it," Moore explained to Hello magazine. So what did Markle tell her? 

@rachelzanehdembedded via  

Markle responded, ''So do I." Moore described the Dutchess as relaxed and laughing while they spoke, so clearly she was genuine with how she was feeling. 

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It's not incredibly surprising that Markle is missing her acting career, as she had to give it up in order to marry Prince Harry. When she announced her engagement, it was clear that the Dutchess had chosen to move forward with philanthropic work something she already did when she was acting. 

@rachelzanehdembedded via  

Of course, we're all happy for Meghan and Harry as they live out their true fairytale romance, but we also hate the idea of Suits without her and Patrick. 

If all else fails, you can at least watch the Lifetime movie about the Duke and Dutchess' epic international relationship. Or you can obsess over her and Kate Middleton becoming instant BFF's including going on their first sisterly outing this week! 

Source: Just Jared

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