Meghan Markle may now be royalty but before her days of wearing several months rent worth of clothing and an acorn hat on her head, she was an actress! While we may know and love her from Suits, it's pretty rare for an actress or actor to get that big of a role out of the gate, and we already know Markle put her work in when it came to the business.

While we know that she was one of the showgirls for a Deal Or No Deal episode, there are a few more.. interesting roles she's taken in the past, to say the least. By interesting, we mean films she probably would rather see go up in flames (and I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly disappear once she and Harry officially tie the knot). How bad are they? Trust me when I say they give Netflix's "The Christmas Prince" a serious run for its money in the cringe department.

The first one is called "Dater's Handbook" so you already know it's terrible. Did I mention both movies were produced by Hallmark? Since when does Hallmark do anything other than sell overpriced birthday cards? In the "movie," Markle plays Cassandra Brand who is a business owner who just can't find the right guy! If you didn't think this movie could get any more original, she's obsessed with her pet dog who has a weird subplot of his own involving a dog treadmill.

Long story short, Markle's character ends up buying a literal dating handbook because she's tired of choosing the wrong guy and uses it when she bumps into two guys and starts seeing them both. One of them is just an absolute cringe show to watch while he tries to be the "guy with the personality," and the other has the personality of a piece of driftwood. Spoiler alert, like every W Network movie ever, she almost chooses captain cardboard but then ends up with "Mr. Personality." Oh and if you want to actually witness Markle in action but can't be bothered to actually watch the movie, here's the trailer:

The next movie Markle starred in was called "When Sparks Fly," where she plays Amy, who's main personality trait is that she loves cupcakes? The movie takes place on the Fourth of July so if you didn't think this plot line was going to be terrible and cheesy, you were very wrong. (I highly recommend holding a drinking game and taking a shot whenever someone says "The Fourth of July").

When Amy's current boyfriend is about to propose, she gets news that she has gotten a job opportunity in Chicago, it ends up sparking their breakup instead and she starts dating a hotshot once she moves to Chi-town. While Amy is (I kid you not) pitching something for her family's... fireworks company(???). She somehow ends up going back home and learning that her best friend and ex have not only gotten together but they're also getting married and the theme is... the Fourth of July.

Before we talk about anything else, we need to talk about how Amy's Chicago boyfriend is played by Betty Cooper's DAD from Riverdale. This just makes me so uncomfortable on so many levels but if you did need any reassurance that this movie is hot garbage, a Riverdale actor is in it so that should be enough proof.

Please just watch this movie to see the absolute atrocity that is this girl's dress. It reminds me of that girl at the Grammys who wore a "Make America Great Again" dress that literally gave me a headache. While it's impossible to look past this hot garbage plot (seriously WHO wrote this?!)?, if you are curious as to what happens to Amy, she ends up with her ex who was always still in love with her and her friend ends up totally okay with it? And there's fireworks. Of course, there are fireworks.

If you are looking for a good laugh, or just enjoy feeling second-hand embarrassment for every actor in both of these movies, you can check out either of these movies on "Hallmark Movies Now..." their streaming service. No, I am not making this up they legit have a streaming service.

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