There are some actors that were literally born to play a specific type. For example, Jennifer Lopez almost always plays a struggling woman from New York, and Noah Centineo is practically always cast as a high school love interest with jerk tendencies - it's just the kind of roles that they play best. Another celebrity who has a history of being typecast is none other than Canadian actor Michael Cera. Cera is known to take on the role of dorky and awkward characters, very similar to how he is in real life. You've definitely seen Cera in some of his movies, but have you ever wondered what his childhood was like, or how he even got into the acting world? Michael Cera's Tim Hortons commercial got him his start as an actor.

Cera was born in Brampton, Ontario in June of 1988. Unlike some of your other favourite actors, Cera got his big break at a young age. By his first year of high school, he was already missing classes to head to Los Angeles for filming, and by his second year of high school, he left the classroom behind entirely and decided to complete his diploma through correspondence instead.

Cera didn't start off by being cast in major projects, though. As it turns out, his first gig was actually in a Tim Hortons summer camp commercial (eat your heart out, Shawn Mendes), which he wasn't even paid for. Shortly after that, Cera moved up in the world to act in a Pilsbury Doughboy commercial, in which he had six whole lines.

Finally, in 1999, Cera made his TV series debut, when he was cast in the Canadian children's show I Was a Sixth Grade Alien, which was on the air for just two seasons. After that Cera's career really took off, and he found himself landing roles as a voice actor, in movies, and on TV.

Cera's career doesn't show any signs of slowing down. His most recent projects include the reboot of Arrested DevelopmentWeird City, and The Shivering Truth. If you're a big fan of Cera, we've included a video of his best bloopers below for your enjoyment. You're welcome.

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