Miley Cyrus has garnered quite a bit of attention with the recent release of her Mother's Daughter music. However, not all the news has been good. A Canadian activist is calling out Miley Cyrus's "Mother's Daughter" for plagiarism, saying the pop star stole her slogans in her video. 

The accusation comes from Xenia Chernyshova, an activist who has worked with Femen in Quebec. The international organization protest and fight for women's rights. On their website, they sell merchandise and clothing to promote and help finance their operations. Among the items for sale is a shirt with the phrase "Every Woman Is A Riot." That's where the Miley Cyrus situation comes in. 

If you've seen the new music video for "Mother's Daughter" you'll know that the just seconds into the opening scene, those exact words "Every Woman Is A Riot" flash across the screen. That's not the only slogan the video features though. Later on, the words "Sin is in your eyes" flash across the scene. Then a third phrase, this time in French is featured reading "L'herorisme de la chair" which means "the heroism of the flesh." 

Chernyshova told TVA Nouvelles that she had come up with all three of those phrases, specifically for Femen to use. The last two, she says were used at a Femen protest in Quebec back in 2013. 

Chernysova told TVA Nouvelles her reaction to seeing Miley Cyrus's new video. She said, "I burst into tears when I saw that it was not fair Every woman is a riot, but also Sin is in your eyes and The heroism of the flesh ... the three! It came out of my mouth, I gave birth to these slogans!" 

Chernysova also said that while she is honoured to see the messages getting lots of attention she denounces them being used to make money. 

TVA Nouvelles reports that Cherysova, who is also an actress contacted her agent to see if anything could be done about the alleged plagiarism but says there is no action to be taken. 

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