Millie Bobby Brown is at the top of her game right now. Coming off a successful second season of Stranger Things and arriving at the Golden Globes with Drake as her plus one, it's clear that things are going great for the 13-year old actress. Though when it comes to the subject of her love life (or at least the extent of a love life a 13 year old can have), it seems that Millie has gone public with her new boyfriend who shares a star status of his own.

If you were hoping that it would be Finn Wolfhard, Millie's love interest in Stranger Things, unfortunately, he is not the boy in question. If anything, the guy we are talking about seems like the last person she'd cross paths with but it turns out that she's dating a viner/ star, Jacob Sartorious.

If you need a refresher on who this kid is, he became famous off of a lip-syncing app (no we aren't joking) and started making terrible, and we mean terrible music. He's also known for these kinds of posts on social media:

Via @jacobsartorious

Via @jacobsartorious

@jacobsartoriusembedded via

While the pair have never been seen together, their recent activity on social media has made it as obvious as it can get that they're dating. Millie had started off the whole thing by liking one of Jacob's tweets:

Via @meanplastic

If you were still doubtful, the pair then went on to basically make it IG official after Millie posted a photo with a bear to which Jacob commented to let everyone know it had been him who sent it:

Via @meanplastic

After the news got in the hands of Twitter, people were quick to react to the shocking news considering nobody saw this coming:

Via @ararfreeman

Via @nickmonkeys

Via @noxortis

While it may be hard for some Stranger Things fans to digest that Millie and Jacob are a thing, at the end of the day the pair are barely pre-teens, let them be kids!

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