It seems hard to believe that young starlet Millie Bobby Brown has any time for a social life let alone a boyfriend. Between attending award shows left and right with Drake as her plus once, and filming new seasons of Stranger Things, the girl is constantly jetting from place to place.

Though the young actress has seemed to find someone, and while she's only 13, her and her new beau have been lighting up tabloids. The rumors first started after she began favouriting Jacob Sartorius' cryptic tweets.

Via @meanplastic

To further people's theories that this was more than a coincidence, Brown took to Instagram to post a photo of her with a bear to which she thanked the unknown sender. Though Jacob made it clear as day that he had sent the bear with a comment that quickly began to circulate online:

Via @meanplastic

Since then Stranger Things and Jacob Sartorius fans have been waiting to see if the pair really were a thing or if this was all just speculation. Though the young star finally put the rumours to bed with none other than a post on her IG story to make them Instagram official:

Via @jacobologist

While Millie shared the snap on January 19th, the photo is dated to have been taken on New Years Eve. So as of now, we know the pair have been seeing each other for at least a month. While both respectively hold some fame, as Jacob is a former viner and "singer," who knows how their relationship will pan out, we just wish their young love the best!

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