Although a lot of us are born with knowledge of at least our immediate family, it's always interesting to find out about distant relatives that give us ties to far off and exciting countries. It turns out celebrities get just as excited about this as we do, particularly when it turns out they're somehow tied to Canada! Here are six non-Canadian celebrities with Canadian connections that might surprise you.

Everyone from former U.S. presidents to British comedians have made this list, and some of their unique Canadian connections will definitely surprise you!

Barack Obama

Barack Obama isn't only connected to Canada through politics or his bromance with Justin Trudeau, the former President also has relatives here! Back in 2004, the Obama family headed up to Mississauga for the wedding of Barack's half-sister Maya Soetoro to a Canadian academic. Obama even said that the city of Toronto reminded him of his hometown in Chicago!

Colonel Sanders

He may not be around anymore, but when he was, Colonel Sanders definitely innovated the way that we enjoy fried chicken. Sanders sold American operations of KFC back in 1964, but held onto the Canadian part of the business and spent much of the '60s and '70s residing in Toronto.

Kate Middleton

As a British royal, Middleton obviously frequents Canada and has connections here, but it turns out that her late grandfather, Peter Middleton was actually stationed in Calgary, Alberta for his Royal Air Force training during WWII. Middleton and her husband, Prince William visited the Calgary Aero Space Museum back in 2011 in honour of Peter.

Nelson Mandela

Not only was Nelson Mandela a world-renowned political activist and humanitarian, but he was also a Canadian citizen! The former president of South Africa was granted citizenship back in 2001 and was awarded the Order of Canada in 1998, making him the first foreign leader to receive it.

John Oliver

British comedian John Oliver is known for controversial opinions on U.S. politics, but it turns out he's actually got some Canadian history! Oliver has an aunt who lives in Canada, and he himself actually attended eighth grade in the city of Kingston, Ontario.

Barbara Streisand

Like many other Americans, Streisand said that if Trump was elected in 2016, she would be fleeing to Canada. As it turns out, she's actually got some ties to the country! She was romantically involved with former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau back in the 70s.

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