For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with Cardi B and Offsets relationship, then you're in for a treat. I'll give you a little back history so we can all cringe together at what just happened. Cardi B and Offset secretly got married in September 2017, and she gave birth to baby Kulture 4 months ago. Throughout their relationship, there were always rumours of Offset cheating on her. While Cardi isn't one to keep her mouth shut, she did until she announced they were getting a divorce. And then Offset tweeted something that really set fans off

Most of the time in Hollywood, if people break up, instead of tweeting something nice they grill into them for drama. But not this time, while Cardi announced the breakup on a video on Instagram last week, she said she still loves him but they've gone through too much and the trust is gone. She did say they remain friends, and he's really putting that to the test. 

On December 9th, Offset tweeted "F*CK Y'ALL, I MISS CARDI". After so many allegations and women coming forward saying he cheated on Cardi with them, fans were quick to defend Cardi and go after him for this tweet. I mean, we don't blame them. 

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The tweet has 126k retweets, 420k likes, and 25k comments. Hardly any of those comments are defending Offset, but ripping into him for missing her when he could've been faithful. Here are some of the tweets: 

As you can see, none of his fans are going to feel sorry for him this time. One of the tweets even said "When will guys learn that actions have consequences", and others were appauled that Offset was blaming his followers for the divorce. Let's just wait and see if Cardi will respond, because that's really what we're all waiting for. 

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