O.J. Simpson shuts down a long-running conspiracy theory that suggests he is the biological father of Khloe Kardashian.

The former football star and accused criminal gave a confirmative statement over the weekend to a reporter who offered him congratulations regarding Kardashian's pregnancy reveal. He was happy for the reality star, but also made sure to set the rumours straight:

"Congratulations to her, but trust me I have nothing to do with it. I would be proud if I had anything to do with it, but I don't," Simpson told TMZ in Las Veags, three months after his release from prison.

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He continued to add a few remarks that were complimentary but also a bit disturbing:

"Khloe and the girls were all terrific girls when they were growing up. Nice and terrific. And I think today, they're still nice and terrific except they kind of added sex appeal to their resume. I'm happy for them. Congratulations to her... But trust me. I had nothing to do with it."

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Simpson was tied to Robert Kardashian, who acted as his defence lawyer during his high-profile murder trial in 1995. Simpson was charged with the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, his then-wife, and the entire country was wound up in the 10-month "Trial of the Century."

Since Robert Kardashian passing later in 2003, rumours have circulated that Simpson may be Khloe Kardashian's father simply because she looked different from her sisters.

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