It's been a while since we've heard any major news on the Olivia Jade/Lori Loughlin front. The family has been laying pretty low and spending as much quality time together as possible while they await further news of Lori and husband Mossimo Giannulli's impending sentencing. Olivia Jade looks unrecognizable during a shopping trip with her sister (PHOTOS).

On Thursday, June 20th, Olivia and her sister, Isabella Rose, were spotted out at a CVS in Los Angeles. The two were clearly trying to stay lowkey and remain incognito, but their $125,000 Mercedes G-Wagon didn't help with that.

The pair were pretty dressed down and looked quite comfortable, which is out of character considering how boujee they're known to be. Obviously, they're going through a lot right now, so comfort is key and there's no need for them to dress up just to please the paparazzi.

Just from looking at Olivia you can tell that she's lost some weight, but with the amount of stress she's been under over the past few months, it's definitely to be expected. Not only is she dealing with the USC Admissions scandal, but she and her boyfriend recently split as well.

Olivia has been off social media for four months now, which is a seriously long time in the influencer world. Despite losing pretty much all of her brand partnerships and sponsorship deals, Olivia is still hopeful that she'll be able to make a comeback as an influencer once all of this blows over. 

Currently, Olivia's parents, Lori and Mossimo face up to 40 years in prison for accusations of them having paid upwards of $500,000 for their daughters to be recruited onto the University of Southern Carolina rowing team. The family spent Father's Day together, and the girls are trying to make the most of their summer with friends, despite the drama.

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