Do you hear that? That's the collective scream of millions of Instagram users who just saw Kylie Jenner's latest post. Count us among them! In her caption, she may have confirmed her marriage to Travis Scott. OMG, we are totally freaking out. 

Late yesterday afternoon, Kylie posted the first photo in a black and white series of three. All three posts feature a dark-haired Kylie in the same outfit: sunglasses, a gingham blazer and lingerie (you know, a normal Tuesday outfit). She didn't write a caption for the first two posts, which went up one right after the other. 

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Four hours later, the third post went live. The photo leaves no questions about what Kylie has going on under her jacket and, of course, spotlights her trademark pout. But, the real kicker is the caption: "extraño a mi esposo."

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When you translate the phrase to English, it reads: "I miss my husband." Is this the marriage confirmation we've all been waiting for? Or, is Kylie just flexing her Spanish skillz? Neither Kylie nor Travis has made an official announcement, so we'll have to hold off on any celebrations. Okay, maybe one small champagne toast to the happy couple!

@kyliejennerembedded via  

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