If you've been keeping up with recent Bachelorette news, you'll know that the cast for season 14 has finally been revealed! As per usual, there are plenty of interesting occupations including a banjoist, a male model, and a stuntman!

As it turns out though, this season's career of choice happens to be NFL Player! Both Colton Underwood and Clay Harbor are going to be competing for Becca's heart on the upcoming season.

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After digging through Underwood's IG, we've uncovered that he's not only super cute, but he's also the ex-boyfriend of Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman! In order to get Raisman's attention, Underwood actually went above and beyond in the cutest way, shown in the video below:

Underwood starts by congratulating Raisman on her athletic achievements, and then proposes the idea of a double date if she ever happens to be in San Jose. Raisman agreed (DUH, who wouldn't?!), and the two later began dating in August of 2016. 

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Underwood posted this photo of Raisman on Valentine's Day of 2017, captioning it with "😍 Happy Valentine's Day beautiful". The post has yet to be deleted, but sources say that the couple split in June of 2017!

Because he has experience in the spotlight himself, as well as dating people in the spotlight, we have to wonder if Underwood has an extra advantage in the competition for Becca's heart!

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The new season of the Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 28th at 8p.m. Eastern time on ABC! Be sure to tune in and see what good looking competition Underwood will be up against!

Source: Elite Daily

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