If you're sick of hearing about the Toronto Raptors epic NBA Championship win, you may want to log off the internet for a while because the celebrations aren't ending anytime soon. Today in Toronto, a victory parade is being held in honour of the team, and fans aren't the only ones showing love - plenty of celebrities are getting in on the hype too! Oprah Winfrey wore a Raptors jersey last night and Canadian actor Dan Levy is totally obsessed.

Apart from all of the Raptors hysteria over the past few days, plenty of other exciting things have been going on in Canada this week as well! Oprah Winfrey is currently touring across the country promoting her new book "Your Path Made Clear". She stopped in Montreal on Sunday night and posted this adorable Instagram below.

Someone off camera suggested that Oprah "wear her pretty dress" for her show, to which she replied, "but the Raptors won and they gave me my own jersey!" Clearly, she's a dedicated fan and loves the team as much as the rest of us.

Oprah is well loved by many people, celebrities included. Canadian icon and Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy saw Oprah's dedication to the Raptors and gave her a shoutout of his own on Instagram this afternoon.

"*rendered speechless*" was all that Levy had to say, and we can wholeheartedly agree. The unity that Canada has shown for the Raptors throughout the playoffs and since their win last Thursday has been totally astounding and awesome to see.

What's particularly awesome about Oprah's dedication to the team is that her show in Toronto was actually cancelled after the Raptors lost game five on Monday. Game seven was scheduled to take place in the Scotiabank Arena on Sunday, hence the cancellation, although it ended up being unnecessary.

Levy, Oprah, and plenty of other fans and celebrities have been cheering on the Raptors all day as they celebrate their win with their Victory Parade in Toronto.

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