Even if you've never modeled yourself, odds are good that you've heard horror stories about young girls battling eating disorders and working out endlessly in order to meet agencies standards. Girls who are in perfect shape or just a few pounds over the "standard" are dubbed as "plus-size", even though they're nowhere near wearing plus-sized clothing. Despite their massive success, Victoria's Secret Angels are no exception to this - people are calling Barbara Palvin the first "plus-size" VS Angel and Twitter is not having it

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Earlier this week, a Facebook Page posted about Palvin, congratulating her on becoming the first plus-size VS model, saying that she deserves the recognition. Let's keep in mind that Palvin stands 5'9" with a 24" waist. I don't know about you, but that sounds very far from plus sized to me.

To be clear, Victoria's Secret has never once claimed that Palvin is plus sized - it's only people on the internet throwing that word around. Regardless, Twitter users have heard the news and they're pissed:

I'm sure you're all thinking the same thing as me right now - if someone as in shape as Barbara can be considered plus sized, I might as well just give up right now because I'll definitely never meet the insane standards set by the modeling world. Hopefully Barbara doesn't take the hate too personally and is able to carry out her duties as a VS Angel with her usual poise. 

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