As if they don't have a crazy enough life already, rappers Cardi B and Offset have been having a particularly hard time lately since news of Offset's latest infidelity broke. Cardi took to Instagram to let the Bardi Gang know that while they haven't filed for divorce yet, the two currently aren't together.

This happened about a week ago. What's transpired since then has honestly been total madness. If you're not in the loop, I'll catch you up. After Cardi posted the video, she seemed to be doing well - filming music videos, attending events, and getting ready for her performance as the first female headliner for 'Rolling Loud', a major hip-hop music festival.

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Offset, on the other hand, has been making a total fool of himself on the internet. Offset left a comment on Cardi's video about the breakup, simply saying, "Y'all won." Ok Offset, as if we were the ones who held a gun to your head and forced you to cheat on the wife and mother of your child 👀. Shortly after, Offset also took to Twitter to share a very... heartfelt message.

As if it's not bad enough to have your ex going crazy on social media, Cardi also had other famous rappers commenting on her posts, telling her that she would be foolish to divorce Offset, and that he loves her, despite the fact that he's cheated on her not just once, but numerous times.

Cardi was seemingly unshook by all of this, but over the weekend, while performing at 'Rolling Loud', things got even more dramatic. As she was about to start her performance, her husband rolled up on stage with flowers reading 'Take Me Back Cardi", and gave a speech in front of the audience, asking for her forgiveness.

Under normal circumstances, this would have been a sweet gesture. But in this situation, it's seriously embarrassing and f*cked up. Offset called Cardi "bruh"... Does he really think that's going to win her back? Even just from watching the video clip, you can tell how frustrated Cardi is - she's tired of dealing with Offset's childish shit... Or is she?

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Plenty of people have been speculating that this whole situation is a publicity stunt, and with Cardi B and Offset being the kind of people that they are, it very well could be. The two have a history of letting things play out very publically, over social media, so for all we know, this whole breakup could be a publicity stunt devised to draw attention before one of them releases a single, or an album.

Since we only have an outsiders perspective we can't say for sure, but we hope that no matter what happens, Cardi doesn't find herself back in a toxic relationship, and Offset manages to get his sh*t together so he can be a better husband and father to his children.

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