By now, you probably know that as much as the Kardashian's fight and argue from time to time, they also loyally support one another in all of their endeavours. When a family is that big, there's bound to be a little chaos from time to time! Most recently though, people are leaving the most savage comments under Khloe Kardashian's photo in support of her brother-in-law.

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On January 24th, Khloe took to Instagram to post a carousel of selfies. The photos are very on brand for Khloe, with her signature heavy filters and dramatic pout. Usually, people will leave comments criticizing her for how different she looks in her photos, but this time, fans have other complaints.

As you may have noticed, Khloe is wearing a baseball cap in these photos. The hat reads, "Kanye for President", which has been a long-standing joke for many years since Kanye announced his plans to run in the year 2020. Nobody is sure whether the rapper is serious or not, but with his relationship with Donald Trump, we really wouldn't be surprised.

Via khloekardashian

Via khloekardashian

Via khloekardashian

As you may have guessed, people have left some pretty savage comments under Khloe's photo. Whether Kanye is actually running for president or not, I think that people need to relax a little bit and remember that the Kardashian family always sticks together. Wearing a hat doesn't mean she supports his political views - she just supports her family.

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