Gender reveals have become a major trend lately. Whether it's popping a balloon and blue or pink confetti goes everywhere, or even just cutting into a cake that reveals a blue or pink inside, we can't escape this trend. It has also been a very controversial trend, as parents want their kids to choose their gender these days. Kate Hudson is one of those parents, and she revealed that her and her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa will be raising their daughter genderless

The way someone chooses to parent is totally up to them. But fans are pretty furious that Kate Hudson, who announced her daughter Rani Rose will be able to choose her own gender. Why are they so mad? Well, she announced the gender of her baby in an Instagram video on April 6th, 2018. 

In the video, Kate can be seen with her boyfriend and her two other children, who are both boys. She screams with joy as she finds out her baby will be a girl, but that can be confusing as now she is raising her daughter without a gender. You can view the video below: 

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In an interview with AOL, Kate revealed that having a daughter is different than having boys, but it 'doesn't change her approach'. She also claims her 3-month-old daughter Rani has feminine energy, which is also confusing a lot of her fans. She told AOL, "I think you just raise your kids individually regardless – like a genderless approach". 

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Some comments are asking why Kate decided to do a gender reveal, if she's raising her daughter genderless. Comments go as far as saying this will create anxiety in her daughter, and also asking why she's calling Rani her 'daughter' if she is genderless. Like I said before, parents can raise their kids any way they choose to. But there will always be scrutiny along with it. 

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