I would say that you weren't watching the Super Bowl yesterday, you most likely missed the halftime show. Though it didn't really matter if you were actually catching the game or not considering social media was flooded with Justin Timberlake's second appearance at the famed sports event. Unfortunately for Justin, the majority of social media's opinion on his mini show was not good.

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One of the first  (and arguably most prominent) issues people had with Justin's performance was Prince. It was just so... so weird, especially considering Timberlake and Prince were far from friends. While reviving Prince via wrinkled tablecloth from Bed Bath and Beyond was apparently done with his hometown in mind, (the Super Bowl took place in Minnesota yesterday), people were still rightly pissed. Especially considering Prince had been showing his distaste for holograms and technology along those lines in general when he was alive.

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Then we get to his actual setlist- which to be honest... was hot garbage. He started off with Filthy, which is hands down the worst song of 2018 already. Then to top it all off he replaced singing his actual songs with some really ...  really awkward dance breaks (?) that were unbelievably uncomfortable to watch. To top it all off he sang that song off of the Smurfs soundtrack, yes the song from Smurfs the movie apparently trumped his entire discography and/or a could have been NSYNC reunion. You could even see the lack of energy in the crowd when this video went viral:

So to sum it all up, Timberlake tanked,  much like his new album did on the charts this week but.. are we really that surprised? Not really. Are we sad about it? Also not really... Janet and Britney say hi.

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