So as you may have heard early last week there is a completely crazy theory going around the internet saying that Kylie Jenner's body guard is actually the father of her daughter Stormi

If you haven't heard this basic idea is that her bodyguard looks so similar to the baby that some people believe that he’s actually the father of it. 

The rumours then seemed to have traveled back to the source and the bodyguard had to put out a statement on Instagram recently shutting down the whole thing.   

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And while that should have been the end of thing it doesn’t seem that everyone is completely convinced by the harsh statement.

One comment on the Instagram post says “He was paid to say this, How much money you received for Shhhh??”  

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Another person who commented on the post said, “lol these rumours are so hilarious! But at the same time they’ve got to be more straightforward seriously or else it looks like you’ve got something to hide. 

Like saying, “I’m not the father” and proving with DNA test it’s that easy yet kylie and Travis haven’t said anything sometimes silence speaks louder than words...”  

Most people do seem convinced though “You are absolutely right! This guy has nothing to do with those stupid stories,” wrote one commenter. 

No matter what your opinion on the matter it seems that they won’t be speaking out this again so don’t expect this to continue to drag on forever. 

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