For a lot of us, being vulnerable is hard. Most people I know couldn't even make a post to their 500 Instagram followers, being totally open about their personal struggles and insecurities. Now, imagine how hard it must be for a celebrity to be that vulnerable, with millions of followers? Model Hailey Baldwin opened up about her insecurities in a recent post, but people are still leaving mean comments on her Instagram.

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Just this morning, Baldwin posted this super cute Boomerang of her smooching on an adorable pup. The caption reads, "Did you know that @bareminerals is #crueltyfree? Just another reason why I love their clean, good-for-you products 😍#powerofgood #cleanbeauty". It's no secret that she loves animals - her and hubby Justin Bieber just adopted a puppy of their own!

Unfortunately, if you take a look at the comments section, it's not all love. While lots of people are commenting and reminding Baldwin of how beautiful and inspiring she is, there are a few haters leaving nasty remarks, particularly about Baldwin's relationship with Justin's ex, Selena Gomez.

Via haileybieber

Via haileybieber

Via haileybieber

These comments would be cruel enough on their own, but seeing as Baldwin just posted a massive rant about her insecurities a few days ago, they're even more hurtful. Seeing as the positive comments definitely outweigh the bad ones, let's hope that Hailey doesn't see them, or if she does, she doesn't let them get her down!

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