I think in the midst of all this Khloe-Jordyn-Tristan drama, there's one really important question to ask - who should we REALLY be mad at? All three of the people involved have definitely done wrong in some sort of way. Khloe took Tristan back after he had already done her wrong, Jordyn shouldn't have been hanging out at Tristan's house, and Tristan is just a literal dog. However, people are upset that Khloe Kardashian is attacking Jordyn Woods instead of Tristan Thompson

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From what I've seen so far in my life, it's almost always the woman who a man cheats with that gets the most heat, and not the man who cheated himself. In certain situations, this might be justified but in the Kardashian-Woods story, a lot of people think that Khloe should be coming after Tristan, not Jordyn:

It's safe to say that people are pretty outraged at Khloe's response, but she has her reasons for it:

I would definitely love to be a fly on the wall in Khloe's house. If she's been this merciless to Jordyn Woods in public, just imagine what she's had to say to Tristan Thompson in private about his infidelity! I can't wait to see all of this play out on KUWTK. 

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