Sometimes, losing friends can be a good thing. It's an inevitable part of being an adult and in order to realize things about yourself and do some growing of your own, you may need to let go of the people who were once closest to you. In the case of Jordyn Woods, losing some of her best friends and "family" has done wonders for her. She's been posting on Instagram a lot lately, and people can't stop talking about how good Jordyn Woods looks since the Kardashians dropped her.

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If you're one of Jordy's 9.6 million Instagram followers, you probably know that she's currently in London for a string of appearances and product promotions, and soon after she'll be heading to Dubai and the Middle East for more! Many celebrities are scared of how scandals will impact their brand, but as the old adage goes - there's no such thing as bad publicity. Since the Tristan Thompson scandal, Jordyn has received a ton of business deals and opportunities and is rapidly gaining followers on IG.

Although 4/5 Kar-Jenner sisters have unfollowed her on Instagram, Jordyn continues to thrive and live her best life. It's still unknown to us what the stance of her and Kylie's friendship is, although it's looking like the two may never be as close as they once were again. Despite all the drama, people can't help but notice just how good Jordyn is looking:

Via jordynwoods

Via jordynwoods

Via jordynwoods

@jordynwoodsembedded via  

As Kris Jenner would say, "you're doing amazing sweetie". Although Khloe has publically apologized to Jordyn for blaming her in the situation, it's hard to say whether Jordyn will be able to forgive her, or if she even wants the Kardashian-Jenner's back in her life now that she's found her own shine.

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