Johnny Depp was recently profiled in Rolling Stone and the story is damning. The tell-all, which Depp requested, talks about his big financial issues and a whole lot of other dark twists and turns. 

People obviously have a lot of questions given everything that was revealed in the piece, but some of them are super unexpected. 

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While a lot of people are genuinely very concerned about Johnny Depp given what he revealed about his money troubles and drug use, a number of people are wondering more about some of the other details he shared with Rolling Stone. 

They took to Twitter to let the world know their most pressing questions about the actor and it's hilarious. 

From his love for tuna-corn sandwiches to his son's band name to one user who claimed that his Grandpa was Johnny's step-dad at one point, the tell-all has revealed a lot more than just major problems in Johnny's life. 

And that's not to say that people obviously aren't concerned about Johnny, but the Rolling Stone piece already answers a lot of those big questions like why he is experiencing money problems, and most people aren't surprised anymore when they find out celebrities use drugs. 

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Also back to the sandwich, turns out tuna-corn is one of the most popular sandwiches in England where the actor is staying. The Rolling Stone interview took place in Johnny's rented London residence. 

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