It looks like the rumours are true! Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are seriously engaged.

Rumours have been spreading since last week when Ari and Pete reportedly told their friends at Robert Pattinson's party that they were newly engaged. Of course, photos weren't allowed at the party so no one could actually confirm that Ariana was wearing a ring. 

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Last weekend, Pete and Ariana took a romantic date to Disneyland where photos were taken of Ariana and you could see a giant diamond ring on her finger. It was also just confirmed that Pete went to his friend Nick Cannon to ask for advice before he proposed to Ariana. 

Well, Pete finally confirmed the rumours that he's actually engaged to Ariana by posting this picture on Instagram.

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The caption reads, "u know what you’d dream it be like ? it’s better than that". The photo is a bit confusing at first, but you can see that Ariana is wearing a Gucci patterned boot and she's sitting on top of Pete's lap, while Pete is wearing trousers and white sneakers.

You can see both of Pete's tattooed hands. On top of Pete's left hand, you can see Ariana's slightly smaller and well-manicured hand. Oh, and she's sporting a HUGE diamond ring. It's pretty obvious that she's wearing her engagement ring.

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The comments are currently flooded with fans that are sooo happy for the newly engaged couple.

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