Pete Davidson is making moves. The comedian was seen flirting with a famous actress who is 20 years older than him at a Golden Globes after-party, and you'll be shocked when you find out who it is. It's safe to say Pete Davidson had a rough 2018. He met Ariana Grande, fell in love, got engaged, and broke it off within a few months. Ariana Grande even wrote a couple of songs about him, which is now in the universe forever. While he has tried to move on, he's also had some trials and tribulations along the way. 

A couple of weeks ago, Pete Davidson took to Instagram to congratulate Kanye West for sticking up for mental health, and took a dig at ex Ariana after she tweeted that 'two grown men are arguing on social media'. He then posted that he didn't want to be on this earth anymore, which lead celebrities to tweet their support towards him. One of his best friends Machine Gun Kelly rushed to his side, and he was at his side at this Golden Globes after-party also. 

At Netflix's Golden Globes after-party, he and MGK arrived early but left fast. He then came back and started flirting with someone super unexpected. Can you guess who? Probably not. 

@katebeckinsaleembedded via  

After he arrived to the party again, Pete was seen flirting with actress Kate Beckinsale. According to E!, the two were seen smoking outside together and cozying up on a patio. The two, who are 20 years apart, seemed to be all about each other and laughing histerically. While they may just be good friends or have crossed paths and felt a connection, we're not mad about it. The two didn't leave the party together, though. 

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Pete Davidson really does deserve to move on. Whether it's with stunning actress Kate Beckinsale or someone else, we're happy for him. A few weeks ago Pete was seen out on a date with an Ariana Grande lookalike, and fans went crazy over it. While Ariana has said she's probably not going to date anyone for the rest of this year/her whole life, Pete is definitely making strides in 2019. 

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