Even though The Bachelor Winter Games are starting in a couple of weeks, I think we're all more excited for the end of this season of The Bachelor and the start of Bachelor in Paradise. While hopefully we will be seeing some familiar faces again (Dean I'm looking at you, D-Lo I'm not looking at you), there is definitely one person we all want to see on Bachelor in Paradise. Our sweet, gap toothed boy, Peter. For anyone who hasn't seen this face before, Peter was on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, and just could not commit to asking her to be his wife. 

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While Peter won't be gracing us with his presence on The Bachelor Winter Games, revealing to Us Magazine that "Reality TV is not something that I want to pursue at this time," he explained to Elite Daily what his thoughts are on Bachelor in Paradise: 

Things like Paradise, no, not really my thing. As far as becoming the Bachelor at some point, [it's] still not part of the life that I have right now, but if it were offered in the future, I’d think about it.

We get it, Peter. You're too good for us all now. I guess there is still a little ray of hope that Peter will change his mind, but he also told Us Weekly that he is happy he's not The Bachelor this time around. The fitness trainer said there is so much pressure because Arie is now on every single magazine cover, but we definitely would not mind if it was your face on there, Peter. 

@peterkrauswiembedded via

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