Here in Canada, the closest thing we have to a "royal family" is the family of the Prime Minister. Because we're a commonwealth country, we're also tied pretty closely to the British throne, which means that we still kind of get to claim their royal family as our own. Over the weekend, word came out that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle were considering moving to Canada to get away from all the ongoing drama across the pond. Unfortunately, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Canada move isn't happening, but they'll be visiting more often.

When news of the potential big move broke, you could definitely feel the excitement in the air. Of course, Markle is no stranger to Canada — she lived in Toronto for years during her stint on Suits. Harry, on the other hand, is used to life as a royal in England, although he has spent his fair share of time travelling the world.

Of all the countries in the world, there are a few reasons why Canada would be ranked so high on the couple's list of considerations. Firstly, Canada is a Commonwealth country, and as ambassadors of the Commonwealth, it's the royal couple's job to visit these countries and maintain strong relationships with them. 

Secondly, the British tabloids have been attacking Markle endlessly since she became involved with Prince Harry, and the couple has finally had enough. Seeing as Canada is a notoriously nice country, and we love the royal family, we would welcome the Royals with open arms. 

Unfortunately for fans of the couple, a source confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that they will not be relocating to Canada, although they are, "looking very seriously at spending extended periods of time in Commonwealth countries in their role as Commonwealth Ambassadors.”

So the news really isn't all that bad — we could still be getting our fair share of Harry and Meghan, although there are still plenty of other Commonwealth countries that they need to visit as well.

"They will start in Africa or the Caribbean where Harry has spent lots of time, probably Africa first because that’s nearest to his heart,” the source told ET. "Australia and Canada are the two big ones, but they want to spend time where the need is more obvious and therefore Southern Africa is more likely.”

The royal couple has already expressed their interest in humanitarian work, so these visits to Commonwealth countries just reinforces that.

"The idea is it’s really a step beyond the traditional royal visit; an opportunity to have some roots and time in a place, so that [they] can focus more in-depth and interact in the community as [U.K.] Ambassadors."

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