When you think of royal drama, you automatically think of Meghan Markle. Not because she brings the drama, but because everyone thinks she does. Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped out together for the first time, the drama surrounding her has been insane. Well, this time, it's not affecting her and Duchess Kate Middleton, but it's affecting their husbands. Yes, Prince Harry and Prince William have a ton of drama between them, and well, it does involve Meghan Markle unfortunately. 

Thank the lord that this time, the drama doesn't include Meghan's dad, Thomas Markle. But that doesn't make it any easier on the Royal Family. Prince William and Prince Harry have always been super close, yet keep their relationship with each other out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, that goes away when one of their wives is a retired famous actress. Some can say that Prince Harry and Meghan moved quite fast. Others can say when you know, you know, so why wait? Well, Prince William was definitely part of the first group. 

According to Katie Nicholl, who is a royal journalist and author, Prince William sat Prince Harry down for a talk about Meghan. What started as brotherly love and advice ended in an argument. Prince William wanted to make sure that his brother and the now Duchess weren't moving too fast, and apparently, that just made Prince Harry very upset. 

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Seriously, we can only imagine how hard this is for Prince Harry. Imagine hearing how no one trusts your wife, only to find out your brother feels that way too. According to Katie, Prince Harry felt that Prince William telling him this means he was not approving their relationship. And for siblings that were as close as they were, their relationship has not been the same ever since. 

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So there's drama between Meghan and Kate, and now Prince Harry and Prince William? Will this ever end?! Hopefully when Prince Harry and Meghan's bundle of joy shows up, everything will go back to normal. Please, we need Prince Harry and Prince William to be BFFs again. 

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