The Vancouver born twins have been an on-screen duo since 2011. Their original series has become a franchise with nine other home renovation spin-offs. They seem to be a hit among the ladies because Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott have apparently gotten hit on by married women on their show.

Born just minutes apart, Jonathan is the older of the duo and is a licenced contractor who performs renovations for homeowners. Drew is a real estate agent who travels with families during the homebuying process.

The series is focused on creating the perfect home for families, which means they often work with married couples. Apparently that doesn't stop the women they meet from coming onto them off-screen.

In a recent interview on Conan, the host asked the brothers if they ever get hit on.

Drew responded, "he [Jonathan] gets hit on more than I do, the rugged contractor."

Jonathan chimed in and said, "I was single for a long time and it didn't even matter if they were single."

He then went into a story about a homeowner who, "would hit on me so bad with her husband right there and he was oblivious to what was going on. I would be working and she would whisper things at me like 'I'm not hitting on you'".

Drew hilariously reenacted what the woman would do which included music coming on and her popping up out of nowhere while locking eyes with Jonathan. He said she would do this "weird convulsing eye connecting thing."

The brothers also shared that they just hit their 400th episode.

Out of hundreds of different families, Jonathan said that "there's definitely probably a dozen homeowners who have been so bad, so creepy, so weird and we made a montage just internally for us to view of some of the worst moments. And that one was in there." 

Drew added, "most of them are amazing and they're thankful and every now and then there are just a few who just want a piece of Jonathan." 

According to IMDb, spinoffs from the original show include Brother vs. Brother, Buying and Selling, and Property Brothers: Forever Home. 

Jonathan has been in a relationship with actress Zooey Deschanel since they met on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke last summer.

Drew married Linda Phan in 2018 and she's currently the creative director of Scott Brothers Entertainment.  

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