Tim Hortons is an iconic brand that Canadians love. That means we all know the struggle of getting in there and resisting the urge to by those Timbits in literally any flavour you can think of. Well, we're here to tell you that even moving to America might not get rid of your Timbit addiction. Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski's Canadian roots were clear as a day in his most recent Tim Hortons visit. 

The celebrity chef took it upon himself to share his struggle while visiting a Tim Hortons location. 

On his story, he posted a video of the pastries window and wrote, "Just focus on what you're here for: Coffee. Don't get a donut. Don't get a donut. Don't get a donut."

It could possibly be the most relateable Canadian thing he's ever posted, this or his tater tot's poutine recipe.  

His journey didn't end there though, in the next video he recorded himself eating what looked like a classic chocolate glazed Timbit. 

In the story, he wrote, " Donuts-1 Me-0 but happy bc donuts." 

While his self-control for Tim Hortons Timbits does seem a little weak how can we blame him? He's been out of the country for a few months now and even admitted earlier this week that he couldn't wait to get back to Canada for the snacks

He also definitely deserves to celebrate his People Choice Award win, and if he wants to do that with Tim Hortons Timbits we're not going to stop him. 

You can watch all four seasons of Antoni's Queer Eye currently streaming on Netflix Canada. 

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