Last year when Riverdale first premiered on Netflix, KJ Apa stole the hearts of millions of preteen girls. His perfectly tousled red locks had every girl watching Riverdale swooning. His chiselled jawline and velvet hair was a recipe for perfection.

So we're completely disheartened to say, the dream is dead. KJ Apa just shared a selfie revealing his dramatic new look and you're not going to like it. If you're a fan of Archie, then you'll definitely be surprised by his new look.

Well, here it is.

Via Instagram/@KJApa

Now, don't be too scared. We can safely assume that this is only for the show. Which doesn't make this any better, but we get it. He's probably doing it for the storyline. We refuse to believe that KJ would willingly dye his hair jet black.

Last season, writers introduced "Dark Betty" so now maybe we're seeing "Dark Archie". But at least Lili Reinhart got to wear a wig instead of actually dying her beautiful blonde hair jet black. We can't say the same for KJ unfortunately.

We all know KJ isn't naturally a redhead so he's probably used to changing his hair colour now. But we were so used to him being a redhead! It seemed so natural now.

Hopefully, he reveals what this means for his character, Archie and what's going to happen on the show! We can't wait to see! But hopefully, it's only momentary and then Archie will go back to being the redhead we know and love.

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