Canadians spent their Monday, lounging around, eating hot dogs, and probably finishing off the night with a round of fireworks. But Ryan Reynolds isn't just any Canadian. Instead of cheering to Canada's birthday with his new gin line, Ryan Reynolds Canada Day was spent alone at Parliament Hill

The Canada Day celebration at Parliament Hill in Ottawa was just underway when news camera's caught Ryan Reynolds casually sitting surrounded by empty chairs.

Twitter thought the whole ordeal was hilarious and even started captioning the photo and making it into a meme. 

If it was anyone other then Ryan we would probably be surprised, but this doesn't even make the list of the most random things Ryan has done. Just last week he wrote a fake amazon review to promote his gin company. 

Along with his appearance at the Canada Day celebrations he also sent out this tweet: 

Nathan Fillion also seemed to think that Ryan Reynolds was a worthy candidate for a Canada Day meme. He tweeted: 

Although Ryan Reynolds sitting alone was hilarious and meme-worthy, we're happy to report that he did end up celebrating with the rest of Canada's most important. Justin Trudeau was just a few seats away throughout the rest of the ceremony! 

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