Canadians supporting Canadians! A video production agency based in BC recently got the attention of Vancouver's Ryan Reynolds on Instagram. The trio created a mock commercial for Aviation American Gin which had the actor totally impressed with their "incredible work".

One Peak Creative is located in Kelowna and produces commercial videography, mini-documentaries, and wedding videography, according to their website

For the past 14 days, Global News writes that the three people behind the creative agency decided to create the "Adsolation" series since social distancing made doing their jobs basically impossible.

Posting a new mock advertisement daily led to day 10 in the series which featured Aviation American Gin, owned by Reynolds.

The video filmed in Kelowna stars a couple who appear to be on the run from the police and is set in the year 2057.

"Are you sure this is worth it?" the man says to his partner who responds, "it's the last one on earth, so it better be."

After a series of shots showing their car speeding down the road, the two end up in running through a forest. They continue to get chased by the authorities while police sirens blare in the background. 

The female takes a tumble and is helped up by her partner, revealing a bloodied hand from her fall at the end of the clip. Finally, the two are safe together and pull out a bottle of the gin from their backpack.

After pouring themselves two glasses, Reynolds' voice pops up over the video saying, "Aviation American Gin, you'll actually die...from happiness." 

Global News claims that "The trio wanted to riff off a tongue-in-cheek video the actor did that features him reading out rejected slogans to promote the gin."

The video currently has nearly 95,000 views after being posted six days ago. 

In the caption, the creators wrote, "Today we tried something we never dreamed we could accomplish. With some incredible support from @bootvfx to pull our vision together, we proved to ourselves that literally anything is possible. We’ve been running on next to zero sleep and when we finally exported this edit, none of us could believe we had created it in just one day."

The same day it was posted, it got the attention of Reynolds. He left a comment writing, "First off, how in the absolute gin-jumping hell did you pull this off?!? Incredible work. We may have to hire you. Or kidnap you? We’re still figuring it out."

It seems his wife Blake Lively also caught wind of the video and left a reply saying, "Couple goals. Mic drop."

The Aviation Gin account also sent their love, telling the creators that they "pinky promise that there would be more than one bottle left in 2057."

One Peak Creative started in Vancouver five years ago and relocated to Kelowna two years ago, per Global News.

On their website, they've worked with companies including Endy, Simon Fraser University, Expedia, Fairmont, and Tourism Kelowna. 

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