While Ryan Reynolds may have moved to Hollywood and married American actress Blake Lively, with how Canadian his childhood was, there's no way he lost those roots. He's a pure Canadian living in America. While most people know the basics about Reynolds's history, like that he was born and raised in Vancouver, there's a lot more to the IRL Deadpool that makes him even more Canadian than we are. We love the iconic social media dad that Reynolds has become so let's take a look at just what made Ryan Reynolds so Canadian. 

Before Reynolds decided to get into acting as a career he had a part-time job, a lot like teens in Canada today. He was a paperboy for the Vancouver Sun. Just imagine a tiny Ryan Reynolds cracking jokes while tossing you your daily paper. This first job meant so much to Reynolds, that Blake Lively actually had a picture painted of his childhood home with Reynolds walking on the sidewalk with a satchel full of newspapers! 

When he did finally break into the acting scene, it was for the CBC show The Odyssey that he had a recurring role on. But unfortunately, that role only carried him until highschool graduation. 

He soon found himself working at a grocery store while struggling to afford his college tuition at the Canadian school Kwantlen College. While in college he founded a Canadian improv group Yellow Snow that he ran until he dropped out of college at 19 and moved to Hollywood. 

While being lucky enough to find work in Hollywood, Reynolds starred in Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place from 1998-2001. It wasn't long before he started dating Canadian singer Alanis Morrisette, the two must've found common ground in their Canadian roots. Although they did get engaged, their relationship didn't last. 

After 2001 he completely rose into the Ryan Reynolds we know today. And even though we're super grateful for his transition to Hollywood and his iconic life with Blake Lively, it's cool to know that someone who had a SUPER relateable Canadian life could make it someday! 

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